Monday, February 22, 2010

Harvard Race

This weeks race changed a bit from what I said I was going to do for racing. Instead of Mile and Open 400 I did Mile, 800, and then a 4x400 Relay.

MILE Splits:
62, 64, 66, 63 (4:15.96)

800 Splits
29, 29, 29, 28 (1:56:01

4x400 Relay
26, 26 (52.1)

All in all a good workout. Couple good races in the MILE and 800. Couldn't really get on the toes in the MILE. During the 800 I got boxed in and had to run from the back, on a good note it did feel slow and knew I had more left for the middle laps. The 4x400 was good, I was able to get some open ended speed in. I was trying to run 51.xx but 52.1 is good. When I go out in 53 on Saturday I'll have that triple in my head.. I start my travels to New Mexico on Thursday night so I'm sure my nerves will set in then. My "A" goal is to make the finals, however if I run under 1:50 I cant be down on myself. My goal for this season was to make a televised event, and that I have accomplished.

Till Sunday

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Workout

Today's work out went rather well. Usually my Monday Workouts are better than the ones later on in the week, usually I workout Monday and Wednesday, so maybe the extra day was what I needed. I worked out on Thursday because I am racing on Sunday, and I don't like having a three day span between hard efforts.

Mondays Workout:
4x200 (200r) 32, 32, 32, 32
3x400 (200r) 64, 64, 65
600 (200r) 1:32
400 (200r) 62
200 (1000r) 29
400 (200r) 60
2x300 (200r) 45, 45
3x200 (200r) 27, 27, 27

Thursdays Workout:
1000 (200r) 2:39
5x400 (400r) 60, 60, 59, 59, 59
4x200 (200r) 27, 27, 28, 28
6x100 (100r) Downhill not timed

Two good work outs this week getting ready for USA Indoor Nationals where I'll be running the 800m race. This being my first time in this race, I have modest expectations but like every other race I am not going to race timid. I am at USATF-NE this Sunday at Harvard University and I'll be doing the Mile and 400.