Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Workout

Today's workout called for some hard running with short rest.
1000 (200r) 400 (800r) 600 (200r) 400 (400r) 3x400 (400r)
2:35, 58, 1:29, 59, 62, 62, 62. I didn't do the 200s at the end cause my hamstrings were still sore/tight from the weekend so I'll do some strides or something tomorrow. But for now I got to get back to NCAA basketball with Boj. GO BUTLER!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


This weekend I was at Fitchburg State where I raced 1500m, 400m, 200m, and a 4x400. The 1500 didn't go as I planned, I couldn't change gears when I wanted to and ended up getting blown away in the last 300m of the race. I know the speed is there but I haven't really done anything with fartlik type work. But I ended up running 3:59 and it is the fastest I have ran that event since 2007. Next up was the 400 which I ran 51.7. I finished strong which was a plus. The 200 went really well I ended up running 23.8 which I didn't think I could do. I got out real well and was surprised by the 100m point and I hadn't been caught, and by then I knew I had a good time going. The 4x400 I was tired for but managed to run 52.2 and the relay ran well 3:35.

The main idea with running the shorter stuff this weekend is gearing me up to go through 53 seconds at Princeton in two weeks. I hope it works they way we planned it to. I hope everyone had a great Easter.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Raleigh Relays and Workouts 3/29 and 3/31

After a good couple weeks of taking a step back from speed training and doing some strength stuff. The running in these weeks has been very loosely structured. Anyways, I opened up my last collegiate season with an outdoor PR. I ran 1:51.72 to better my PR by a tenth of a second. The race played out a little differently than how I pictured it. The original plan was to get out and get into the front of the pack, instead I was dead last. However I was able to close real well and pick up fourth. I ran into a little trouble around 600m and had to slow down but overall I was very pleased with the outcome. My Splits were 27.4, 28.2, 27.6, 27.5.

Drummer Hill
2xMile 5:45, 6:08 (fell apart)
3x400 63, 63, 61
2x400 (Baker Street) 60, 81
6x100 13, 13, 13, 13, 12, 12
Overall a solid workout except the second MILE was 15 seconds slow. 2 MILE warm up and 2 Mile cool down. Back at the gym I did 12 sets of stairs and 3 sets of jump rope.

Track Workout
3x400 72, 68, 69
2x800 2:18, 2:15
MILE 4:45
2x800 2:15, 2:16
3x400 62, 61, 62
3x200 27, 27, 26
Great Workout! Did it solo. Got in a little speed in at the end and running 26 felt hard but I wasn't sure if I would be able to hit that, glad I did. 2 Mile warm up and 2 Mile cool down.

My next race Is at Fitchburg where I will be running a fast 1500 followed by 400, 200 and a 4x400. Lets Hope it goes well.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Workout: March 10th

Today's workout went exceedingly great. I hit the track with Justin, Greg, Boj, James, and I'm sorry I don't remember his name but Justin's Dad was there as well. I'm not to sure what Boj, James and Justin's Dad did, however Justin, Greg, and myself did a new type of workout that we had yet to try. The idea was to do a pyramid of 400/800/1200/1600/1200/800/400 at 5k pace with half the time of the interval for rest. So after a 70 second Quarter we would take 35 sec of rest. Needless to say I was in for it but I like testing my aerobic fitness and strength while I'm in between seasons. Here are the details for me (Justin was a little faster and Greg stayed around 4:40 pace for everything)
60 (Greg was around 64? maybe)
This is a huge workout for me. It definitely jumped started my motivation for Spring Track. Training with these guys is so beneficial for me and I'm sure it is for them as well. We help each other with our weaknesses, which is awesome. I was able to get through this workout and I am considering it one of the toughest workouts I have done. I can't wait to watch all the Keenyans race next week at the New Bedford Half.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Back in Action

After a week of not doing workouts I was getting the Itch. Greg mentioned he was going to do a Mile repeat workout on Saturday and I jumped in with him. We met at Monadnock High school and got right into it.
2 MILE warm up (saw a bald Eagle)
MILE 4:49
MILE 4:50
MILE 4:55 Greg was 4:49
5 MILE cool down.

Good Workout for the both us since we are both 800 meter runners. I like doing these types of workouts because I don't get the chance to work on these things during season.

Sunday I ended up taking off cause I had a school field trip. I would have loved to do the BBQ and long run with the rest of the guys but I need to focus on school as much as I want to run, I got to do school things first.

Monday I jumped into another aerobic workout with Goupil. He was doing 6x1000 and I decided I would do 1200s instead and do what he was doing for rest, it ended up being about 300m for me.

1200 3:40
1200 3:45
1200 3:48
1200 3:41
1200 3:45
600 1:48

I am probably going to start the faster workouts in a week or too. Until then I am going to put in some good miles. I open my outdoor season down in North Carolina on the 27th.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

USATF Weekend


4:15am leave for airport
6:15am String of flights begins
4:00pm Arrive in Albuquerque
5:00pm 5 Mile run with Wilson, Ran towards the Mountains, Real cool
6:30pm Picked up my packet at athlete head quavers. While we were doing this OTC was there, my nerves hit me for the first time.
7:15pm Got back to our room ate and went to bed.


8:00am Breakfast. 2 Belgian Waffles with a ton of syrup and a donut.
10:00am 3 Mile Shake out on the bike path. This thing went on forever and was nice
and flat
3:00pm Head over to the meet. I don't race till 5:30ish. When we get there I get my Bib with my name on it and the athlete area was pretty awesome. I sat along the wall, listened to my iPOD and watched the sprinters warm up. As my race got closer more of the mid-d and distance guys were arriving. I was the most nervous/anxious I have ever been.
5:30pm RACE TIME. They brought us out to the track about 5 min before we were scheduled to go off so we got in some good strides. I found my self striding out with Symmonds and the rest of the OTC. Everybody who has made it in the event was on the track and I was fortunate enough to share it with them. Unreal. I watched the first heat go and all three OTC guys were in that heat and all went 1:48.xx - 1:47xx. Next was my turn. I took the track with Jacob Hernandez, Brian Shaw, Brian Gagnon, and Liam Boylan-Pett. Went out rather slow compared to the first heat, we went through 400m single file 54 in the front and 55 in the back (me) Didn't lose contact with the group until 700m or so where they took off. I ran 1:52.11, Not bad I guess for running at altitude. Here it is:

5:40pmAfter I got off the phone with everybody who called and returned texts I got to go for my cooldown and watch the rest of the meet that night. The 3ks were crazy in thier own way, The Men's 3k went out in 4:40 for the MILE and in the Women's there was an exciting finish. Here are some pics from after that race.


Sunday we hiked a mountain and hung out until the meet start. We got to watch all the races and talk to the athletes and coaches. The races were fun and getting to know everyone was cool too. I really enjoyed the experience. Sunday Night there was a get an athlete party at the Hotel Head Quarters. We met up with Brian Gagnon and his brother. We were later joined by Sean Tully, Rob Novak, and Liz Maloy. Good Times. I got pictures but the disposable camera isn't done yet so when it is I will post them.

Thank you for the support!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Harvard Race

This weeks race changed a bit from what I said I was going to do for racing. Instead of Mile and Open 400 I did Mile, 800, and then a 4x400 Relay.

MILE Splits:
62, 64, 66, 63 (4:15.96)

800 Splits
29, 29, 29, 28 (1:56:01

4x400 Relay
26, 26 (52.1)

All in all a good workout. Couple good races in the MILE and 800. Couldn't really get on the toes in the MILE. During the 800 I got boxed in and had to run from the back, on a good note it did feel slow and knew I had more left for the middle laps. The 4x400 was good, I was able to get some open ended speed in. I was trying to run 51.xx but 52.1 is good. When I go out in 53 on Saturday I'll have that triple in my head.. I start my travels to New Mexico on Thursday night so I'm sure my nerves will set in then. My "A" goal is to make the finals, however if I run under 1:50 I cant be down on myself. My goal for this season was to make a televised event, and that I have accomplished.

Till Sunday