Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Workout

Today's workout called for some hard running with short rest.
1000 (200r) 400 (800r) 600 (200r) 400 (400r) 3x400 (400r)
2:35, 58, 1:29, 59, 62, 62, 62. I didn't do the 200s at the end cause my hamstrings were still sore/tight from the weekend so I'll do some strides or something tomorrow. But for now I got to get back to NCAA basketball with Boj. GO BUTLER!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


This weekend I was at Fitchburg State where I raced 1500m, 400m, 200m, and a 4x400. The 1500 didn't go as I planned, I couldn't change gears when I wanted to and ended up getting blown away in the last 300m of the race. I know the speed is there but I haven't really done anything with fartlik type work. But I ended up running 3:59 and it is the fastest I have ran that event since 2007. Next up was the 400 which I ran 51.7. I finished strong which was a plus. The 200 went really well I ended up running 23.8 which I didn't think I could do. I got out real well and was surprised by the 100m point and I hadn't been caught, and by then I knew I had a good time going. The 4x400 I was tired for but managed to run 52.2 and the relay ran well 3:35.

The main idea with running the shorter stuff this weekend is gearing me up to go through 53 seconds at Princeton in two weeks. I hope it works they way we planned it to. I hope everyone had a great Easter.