Monday, February 22, 2010

Harvard Race

This weeks race changed a bit from what I said I was going to do for racing. Instead of Mile and Open 400 I did Mile, 800, and then a 4x400 Relay.

MILE Splits:
62, 64, 66, 63 (4:15.96)

800 Splits
29, 29, 29, 28 (1:56:01

4x400 Relay
26, 26 (52.1)

All in all a good workout. Couple good races in the MILE and 800. Couldn't really get on the toes in the MILE. During the 800 I got boxed in and had to run from the back, on a good note it did feel slow and knew I had more left for the middle laps. The 4x400 was good, I was able to get some open ended speed in. I was trying to run 51.xx but 52.1 is good. When I go out in 53 on Saturday I'll have that triple in my head.. I start my travels to New Mexico on Thursday night so I'm sure my nerves will set in then. My "A" goal is to make the finals, however if I run under 1:50 I cant be down on myself. My goal for this season was to make a televised event, and that I have accomplished.

Till Sunday

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