Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Raleigh Relays and Workouts 3/29 and 3/31

After a good couple weeks of taking a step back from speed training and doing some strength stuff. The running in these weeks has been very loosely structured. Anyways, I opened up my last collegiate season with an outdoor PR. I ran 1:51.72 to better my PR by a tenth of a second. The race played out a little differently than how I pictured it. The original plan was to get out and get into the front of the pack, instead I was dead last. However I was able to close real well and pick up fourth. I ran into a little trouble around 600m and had to slow down but overall I was very pleased with the outcome. My Splits were 27.4, 28.2, 27.6, 27.5.

Drummer Hill
2xMile 5:45, 6:08 (fell apart)
3x400 63, 63, 61
2x400 (Baker Street) 60, 81
6x100 13, 13, 13, 13, 12, 12
Overall a solid workout except the second MILE was 15 seconds slow. 2 MILE warm up and 2 Mile cool down. Back at the gym I did 12 sets of stairs and 3 sets of jump rope.

Track Workout
3x400 72, 68, 69
2x800 2:18, 2:15
MILE 4:45
2x800 2:15, 2:16
3x400 62, 61, 62
3x200 27, 27, 26
Great Workout! Did it solo. Got in a little speed in at the end and running 26 felt hard but I wasn't sure if I would be able to hit that, glad I did. 2 Mile warm up and 2 Mile cool down.

My next race Is at Fitchburg where I will be running a fast 1500 followed by 400, 200 and a 4x400. Lets Hope it goes well.

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