Monday, March 8, 2010

Back in Action

After a week of not doing workouts I was getting the Itch. Greg mentioned he was going to do a Mile repeat workout on Saturday and I jumped in with him. We met at Monadnock High school and got right into it.
2 MILE warm up (saw a bald Eagle)
MILE 4:49
MILE 4:50
MILE 4:55 Greg was 4:49
5 MILE cool down.

Good Workout for the both us since we are both 800 meter runners. I like doing these types of workouts because I don't get the chance to work on these things during season.

Sunday I ended up taking off cause I had a school field trip. I would have loved to do the BBQ and long run with the rest of the guys but I need to focus on school as much as I want to run, I got to do school things first.

Monday I jumped into another aerobic workout with Goupil. He was doing 6x1000 and I decided I would do 1200s instead and do what he was doing for rest, it ended up being about 300m for me.

1200 3:40
1200 3:45
1200 3:48
1200 3:41
1200 3:45
600 1:48

I am probably going to start the faster workouts in a week or too. Until then I am going to put in some good miles. I open my outdoor season down in North Carolina on the 27th.

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